The pillars on which Air Europa Virtual stands

Entrance exam

The entrance exam consists of 24 questions obtained randomly from a large bank of questions, these refer to basic aviation knowledge. To be considered suitable, it is required that at least 75% of the questions are correct, that is, 18 questions.

Each question will be assigned a maximum time to be answered, once that time has expired the system will automatically go to the next question, if you try to go back, the system itself will invalidate the exam. The maximum duration per question is 90 seconds.

If the exam is suspended, you must wait at least 5 days to take the exam again. Failure to comply with this rule, such as taking the exam again with a different identity, will result in permanent expulsion from the airline without the possibility of revocation.

Access requirements

Only pilots who have an active IVAO and / or VATSIM account with at least 150 demonstrable flight hours as a pilot will be accepted.

The minimum age to directly access Air Europa Virtual is 16 years old.

In the event that the applicant is a staff of another company, they must notify it to the email, in that case the board will reserve the right of admission.

Priority of access will be given to new applicants over old pilots eliminated due to inactivity

Air Europa Virtual reserves the right of admission of its members.

Important aspects

The pilots are required to behave politely towards other users.

All flights must be flown in IVAO or VATSIM (consequently, ONLINE)

Once the pilot has been registered and has access to the flight reporting system, they will have a maximum period of 7 days to make at least one flight.

All pilots must perform a minimum of 2 flights per month, reported in the Air Europa Virtual crew system.

There is a form to notify the non-completion of the minimum flights through the support system. Without that warning, a pilot may be ejected for inactivity.

Air Europa Virtual has a range system through which the specific aircraft that each pilot can use with the reporting system are established. In the Ranges section this information can be expanded.

It is totally forbidden to fly with an aircraft other than the one reserved in the crew system, as well as with an aircraft that is not part of the airline's fleet. Failure to comply with this rule leads to immediate expulsion from the airline.

The transfer of passwords to the airline's website to third parties is not allowed. The transfer of any information, link, software or document that has been published by any of the means that is usually used in Air Europa Virtual is not allowed without the consent of the author. Failure to comply with this rule leads to immediate expulsion from the airline.

Reservation regulations

Reservations will remain active for 24 hours. If after this time the flight has not been made, it will be eliminated without prior notice

Flights can be reported manually in case the acars system experiences an error. The reason for the manual report must be justified.

The callsign for connection to the IVAO or VATSIM network when operating a regular flight of the crew system will be AEA followed by the flight number that we are going to operate (example: if the reserved flight number is UX6001, it must be connected as AEA6001 , we should never connect as UX) in no case should a regular flight connected with our own callsign be flown, since this callsign should only be used for free flights. In case of not complying with this nomenclature, the report may be rejected. It may be that sometimes there are other users who are flying that route with the same code. In this case we will have to alter the flight number, for example, changing the last digit.

Fleet regulations

Aircraft should be used depending on the route, being established the B738 and E195 for short / medium range routes. The heavy fleet, made up of the A332, A333 and B788, for long-haul routes (except those expressly authorized by the system). Only specific routes can be flown with ATR75.

Only those pilots who hold the rank of Commander and Senior Commander (after having previously passed the rating) will be able to fly the heavy fleet (on the regular flights of the AEA VA crew system). Pilots without authorization will be able to fly heavy fleet without reserving regular routes (being able to report in the IVAO crew system).

A maximum of four accidents can be justified in a period of three months without receiving sanction. Once the number of accidents has been exceeded, the account will be suspended for one month.

If two flights with an accident are reported during two months, the account will be suspended for one month. If the number of accidents is four, 3 months and more than six, the pilot will be expelled.

The maximum shot allowed in the airline is -500 FPM, if the shot is higher than this figure, the reason must be indicated in the flight comments.

Event regulations

From the directive, various events will be proposed in which different routes between different aerodromes will be offered. Their objective is none other than to promote group flying to forge camaraderie and get to know each other better.

The events must be flown on the IVAO virtual network (since most of our pilots are part of that community).

The events can be flown with any aircraft in our fleet (E195, B738, A332, A333 or B788).

Pilots must connect to IVAO with the same callsign that they have as a user ending with the letter E (example: if the user is AEA100, the callsign must be AEA100E).

The pilots who carry out the official event at IVAO (one per year) will receive the commemorative participation medal.

Tour regulations

From the board of directors, different tours with a varied theme will be proposed whose flights can be either charter (that is, routes that Air Europa does not actually operate) or tours based on real company flights.

Tours must be flown on the IVAO or VATSIM virtual network (since most of our pilots are part of that community).

Pilots must connect to IVAO or VATSIM with the callsing consisting of the pilot's number accompanied by a T at the end of it (our company code [AEAXXXT]).

Pilots who complete a tour will receive the commemorative medal for the completion of the tour (each tour will be assigned a different medal).

Tours can be flown with any aircraft in our fleet (E195, B738, A332, A333 or B788) that has been assigned to the tour regardless of the pilot's rank.

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