• A virtual airline (VA) is an airline that exists solely in cyberspace and therefore does not sell real tickets. Instead, it gives it purpose and adds realism to activities performed in a flight simulator. Pilots who fly for a VA do so between certain established airports, with one of the planes that are part of the VA fleet, and at certain scheduled times, just like on a real-world airline. A VA is also a meeting place for virtual aviation enthusiasts and provides flight training to their pilots.

  • Air Europa Virtual currently supports all major flight simulators: Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-plane and Prepar3D.

  • Pilots must make two flights every month, must have at least 150 hours as a pilot on their IVAO or VATSIM profile, be at least 16 years old, and comply with airline rules and regulations and actively monitor their email address. They also need flight simulation software (Prepar3D, XPlane or Microsoft Flight Simulator) and an internet connection.

  • Pilots can present a Leave of Absence that will allow the account to be inactive for up to 6 months at a time. This is designed to allow pilots with irregular schedules to continue participating.

  • Most of our systems are web-based to ensure compatibility between devices and platforms. We require that you use smartCARS to record flights, which currently requires Windows Vista or higher (however, there are ways to use it in Windows XP).